Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing Summer School

A summer school on the theme of Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing was organized at NTNU with participation from across the institute and countries. The following was the syllabus of this summer school:

Module: Introduction to Circular manufacturing

  • Lectures:
  • Introduction to the summerschool
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development and Circular Economy
  • Concepts of circular manufacturing

Module: System design of circular manufacturing

  • Lectures:
  • Circular manufacturing system
  • Life cycle planning – designing the circular manufacturing system
  • Resuse and maintanence management for circular manufacturing

Module: Product design for circular manufacturing

  • Lectures:
  • Material selection and recycling
  • Design for X; disassembly, remanufacturing, reverse logistics, geometry and tolerance selection
  • Novel bussines models and product -service -systems

Module: Processes for circular manufacturing

  • Lectures:
  • Disassembly and component integrity assessment
  • Processes for remanufacturing; Additive, joining, coating.
  • Processes for recycling; shredding, separation, refining, remelting.

Module: Modelling of circular manufacturing

  • Lectures:
  • Modelling of circular manufacturing using network modelling methods
  • Modelling of circular manufacturing using system dynamics modelling
  • Modelling of circular manufacturing using discrete event modelling

Module: Project report

More information about this can be obtained from the following link (external link)