The main objective of the INMAN-project is to encourage world-class research and education in the area of Circular Manufacturing. The INMAN-project aims to resul in long-term international partnerships between various research teams working on Circular Manufacturing, including the primary team members viz., NTNU (the host institution), the Centre for research-based Innovation SFI Manufacturing at Raufoss, the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Raufoss, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, AIST, Tsukubam Japan and Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India.

The origin of this project is rooted in the Centre for Research-based Innovation SFI Manufacturing. SFI Manufacturing is focusing on Sustainable Innovations an Automated Manufacturing of Multi-Material Products, and Circular Manufacturing is an important goal.

Similarly, Circular Manufacturing is also of strategic importance for all partners – both research and education. The INMAN-project will enable the broadening and deepening the strategic collaboration links and help in developing relevant and world-class research and education in Norway with international validation within the area of Sustainable manufacturing and the role of Manufacturing in Circular Economy.

Expected outcome will be:

  • Joint research projects with external funding from EU and other sources,
  • Joint PhD supervision and a PhD School,
  • A framework for a joint master degree program and joint PhD school,
  • Seamless multi-campus with shared teaching materials,
  • Mobility of students, teachers and researchers and industry personnel,
  • MOOC and joint papers,
  • Cooperation with the industry and innovations on Circular Manufacturing in industry
  • Added value for industry partners through extended network,
  • Strong links between research and education on Circular Manufacturing.